I just landed an ideal situation in Deutschland (pro basketball) and look forward to the amazing opportunity. I wanted to thank you for the inspiration you have been in my life over the last year. I know none of this would have been possible without your guidance. Again, many thanks.
J.R.C. ~ Los Angeles, CA

Lillian is the most gifted guide and mentor I have ever worked with. Working with her has changed my life for the better. After my cancer diagnosis, Lillian got me back in touch with who I really am and helped me identify the gifts I offer to the world. She helped me to silence a doubting mind and taught me how to trust myself.

She has touched me deeply with her insights, offering guidance and perspective I could not find anywhere else. Because of the confidence I have in her, I have recommended her to friends, family and business associates. They have all been as delighted as I am.
M. R. ~ Life Coach, Registered Counselor ~ Seattle, WA

I want to thank you again for your great energy and the time you spent bringing all that information my way. Your insights are ahead of their time. The information was sophisticated and interesting, something new I have not heard before. That said, I know of no one doing this; I think you may be able to bring through insights not accessible by others. I am energized by our talks in a very positive way.
T. E. ~ Honolulu, HI

For years now I have been thrilled and honored to be the beneficiary of your talents. Your energy and personality are like no one else, and your insights - that I've thankfully had the wisdom to follow - have proven to be right on! From navigating through emotional ups and downs in corporate America, to starting a small, creative business, you have been fundamental in my growth and sanity over the last 10 years. I can't thank you enough for your caring and compassionate advice.
M. B. ~ Ann Arbor, MI