"Your insights are ahead of their time. The information was sophisticated and interesting, something I have not heard before."

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A range of services

With the current instability in the world economy, an increasing number of people are being displaced from their professional positions. Or at the very least they are feeling unsettled. Many have been seeking Lillian's counsel for fresh insights surrounding their career and crucial life transitions.

Similarly, as the future looms with uncertainty, those not yet directly impacted by corporate downsizing and reorganization have benefited from identifying and exploring a range of 'what-if' scenarios.

The business issues you face may be far reaching. They may involve revitalizing a company or launching a new product; making 'go/no-go' decisions that will greatly affect a company's financial health; deliberating over a new hire or forging a strategic alliance; or just discovering a better way through challenging times.

With any or all of these issues, Lillian can direct you to an intuitive understanding and targeted insights that are essential to success today.

Examples of GPS service offerings include:

  • Identifying creative solutions to problems or challenging situations
  • Developing personal and professional transition strategies
  • Building personal equilibrium and stamina to deal with volatility
  • Capitalizing on synergistic opportunities
  • Learning to take pioneering steps
  • Paving the way for making paradigm shifts
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