Lillian Moritz, Ph.D.

Lillian co-founded her marketing consulting firm, Generation Insights, in 1989. She has over 25 years of corporate and consultancy experience and works with major corporations, advertising agencies and branding consultancies.

With a strategic perspective anchored in psychology, Lillian specializes in the archaeology of decision making - both rational and emotional. She assists clients in identifying new marketing and business opportunities. She also enables them to understand the mindset of customers, key prospects and internal stakeholders, including executive-level decision makers.

Lillian's focus is on qualitative research with a specialty in ethnography. She uses a variety of proven interviewing techniques, including projective exercises, to unearth fresh insights about products, services, brands and organizations. This opens up a deeper understanding of a target audience's needs, attitudes, values and purchase motivations.

Over the years, Lillian has helped numerous blue chip companies and entrepreneurs create revenue-building strategies to reach their business goals. Her clients include food and grocery corporations, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies and home furnishings manufacturers.

She also serves as an intuitive consultant and mentor for entrepreneurs, executives and business people across the spectrum. Her fresh insights surrounding life transitions and shifts in beliefs and ideology have been invaluable to clients around the globe.