Lillian Moritz, Ph.D.

Lillian holds a Doctorate in Personality-Social Psychology from New York University. In her work with corporations, ad agencies and entrepreneurs she enables executives to connect to a more intuitive approach to business growth and personal development.

She has held advisory positions in privately held companies and non-profit organizations, playing a key role as a conduit for the flow of new ideas and fresh business-building perspectives.

Lillian also mentors top-tier executives, business owners, middle managers and other professionals who are navigating through uncertainty or finding themselves at crossroads in their lives. More . . .


Discovering your best direction

GPS for Changing Times represents a new and highly effective approach to dealing with life's challenges. Yet it is based on sound fundamentals. It draws on intuition and life skills and puts them at the heart of your decision making, so you can determine the right path and direction to take, professionally and personally, today and for the future.

It is structured around the specialized skills, capabilities and insights of Lillian Moritz. In a diverse and extensive corporate and consulting career, she has discovered that while traditional business and marketing approaches can be productive, the brightest, freshest and newest insights have come through intuitive flashes, instinctual 'knowingness' and high-level hunches. This is a realm beyond standard cognitive processes. But it takes skill to access it and then it takes courage to trust it.

As her consulting work has evolved, Lillian has learned how to shortcut the standard approaches, going directly to areas where a fresh solution to a problem will be found. She brings through insightful information and guidance that remain elusive to many. Clients have been surprised, as they put it, by her unique ability to access "extreme intuition" or "expanded awareness", which "breaks through the clutter filter like a laser, bringing out truly extraordinary insights".   More . . .