"From navigating through emotional ups and downs in corporate America, to starting a small, creative business, you have been fundamental in my growth and sanity over the last 10 years."

MB ~ Ann Arbor, MI

Finding our direction

We are facing unprecedented times - locally, nationally and globally. Day to day events aren't following 'usual' patterns. Things are changing faster than many thought possible, contributing to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety about the future.

As traditional sources falter, people are seeking guidance and information from different, more intuitively powerful sources, whether in their business or personal lives. GPS for Changing Times was created to bring new insights for this new era.

What is GPS for Changing Times?

Consider the analogy of a GPS, or global positioning system. GPS devices aid personal and commercial navigation by receiving signals from satellites. They then translate this information, so we have easy-to-understand guidance to help us find our way from one place to another. They even provide alternative routes to by-pass hazards and congestion.

But what about our inner navigation? Our personal journey, our aspirations, hopes and concerns for the future? This calls for a more intuitive GPS. A way of accessing a much broader framework of information and insights to help us find our way through today’s challenges and uncertainty. This is what GPS for Changing Times is all about.    More . . .